Friday, May 13, 2005

Slow Days

There seems to be a lack of things for me to talk about lately. I've started a few posts only to stop them as they just didn't have enough meat in them to make it worth reading. This post does not have a whole lot of value in it. However, it has been so long since I've posted anything...I figured I would just start typing and fill up some space.

  • Madagascar
  • DreamWorks Stock
  • DreamWorks "Crood Awakening"


First off, Madagascar is about to release in a few weeks. I had an opportunity to see the film not too long ago. It was a good time. It certainly isn't my favorite animated film but it is something I'd like to see again. I'd say it is better than Shark Tale and Robots, but not quite as good as Incredibles. I'm going to imagine the box office will respect that opinion and be slightly higher than Shark Tale but not "Incredible" numbers.

Second, DreamWorks announced an upcoming film called "Crood Awakening". The premise sounds pretty funny. "It will be great comedy adventure about a pre-historic culture clash between two tribes, one comparatively evolved tribe, and one un-evolved tribe"

DreamWorks stock took a hit a couple of days ago when they announced earnings. Seems that they overestimated how much Shrek 2 would sell on DVD. Looking at how well it sold right out the gate, DWA anticipated continued unrealistic DVD selling. The result was a lot of returned and unbought merchandise that caused the earnings per share to be lower than expected. What does this mean to investors? Bad. The stock price took a tumble. It is important to note that Shrek 2 still sold fantastic numbers and did EXTREMELY well. They just overestimated. There also seems to be some question to whether this information was leaked to certain employees prior to the earnings release and therefore leaked to the press. I'm not so sure if this is illegal or not but you would think it was.

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