Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day Mix

After a long day of inhaling gas grill fumes, I decided to post an entry before passing out. A few things come to mind at the end of this Holiday weekend. ...continued...

First off. Congrats to DreamWorks for their successful opening weekend of Madagascar. Although I didn't think the story was all that great, and some of the frantic animation gave me a migraine, it was a fun time and an enjoyable movie. I believe the estimate was around $60 million for the 4 days. Pretty good! :)

I went to see Madagascar a second time on Saturday. One of the trailers was for "Open Season" from Sony Pictures Animation. I can't say that I loved the character design, nor can I say that the animation was very appealing (it was decent, but not impressive) to me. I'm still looking forward to this release, even if it is more than a year away.

Vanguard Animation has been issuing a few press releases the past few days. I guess they aren't dead afterall. With "Ribbit" coming down the line and "Space Chimps" still in the mix, they seem to have a lot to do. Will they farm out the production work to 3rd parties, or will they ramp up a studio again? Only time will tell.

There are a few pictures of Omation's "Barnyard" around the net. I've been told that these are older and not really representative of their latest work. My only comment is, I sure hope so. If you ask me (and since this blog is mostly my personal opinion anyway) the character design is boring and unappealing. For the life of me, I cannot understand why they would even publicly show these images if they are not the final designs/models. It only casts a negative light on the project.



Rachael said...

Just curious... I'm enjoying reading your commentaries, however I'm interested in how you were able to 'READ THE ENTIRE STORY' as opposed to the whole article being present. Do you mind explaining? I'm always eager to learn more about Blogger.

Madagascar was indeed successful. I am more for Pixar than DreamWorks, but both, I agree, will be "winners".

Sincerest regards,


TMOAT said...

IDT Entertainment just signed a CG Feature Animation deal with 20th Century Fox. Looks like Fox is getting aggressive about aquiring it's fair share of the CG animation market.

I can't believe the shear number of players now producing. I predict in a couple more years, the cow will start to tip. And like you said before, ..'it'll be survival of the fittest.'


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