Friday, December 03, 2004

Slow as Mud and Slinging the Mud

I want to apologize for how little I've been updating this blog. Things have gotten overly busy in the last few weeks and I haven't found much time to add to this thing. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time at the moment, nor do I have any stunning revelations.

First things first. Still no word on Disney's search on the director for TS3. It should be happening in the next week or two.

Next... I make a point of reading all comments to this website and didn't miss the suggestion of having a mud flinging on studio politics. This is something that has to be handled carefully. We don't want to put any artists in harms way, nor do we want to out anyone and get them canned.

Studio politics can be quite nasty. Disney is well known for not only the managers and execs trying to claw their way to the top, but artists as well. I've heard all sorts of backstabbing incidents between artists as they try to get more responsibilities and a bigger title. This was especially true on Chicken Little. DreamWorks has the same problem, but I come away with the impression it isn't as bad of an environment. Katz rules with an iron wallet. Surprisingly, I've heard and partially noticed that the worst offender in this area is Sony Imageworks. This is purely rumor of course. But, I hear the non-artist politics are just crazy over there. Pixar... Well, they must be doing something right. Although they have their share of problems as well, the creatives are given the opportunity to be creative. Execs know their place. Sad that places like Disney can't trust the same way, they are on a complete power trip over there (not to mention the execs are so afraid of losing their job... They micromanage things to death trying to make sure it pleases everyone).

Speaking of Sony Imageworks. It seems that the relation between Imageworks and Sony Pictures Animation (SPA) is a little different than I expected when SPA began operations. SPA creates the concepts and acts like a production company, they literally hire Imageworks to create the CG for these CG films. Basically, Imageworks is outsourced the SPA projects. This is a logical business move. This protects Imageworks in case SPA fails. They can continue to do their current outsourcing of projects from other clients and still make their own movies (well, sorta their own). An interesting arrangement between Sony and their spinoffs- SPA and Imageworks.

Oh. This also allows SPA to outsource their DTV projects and sequels to other companies. And guess where those projects will be outsourced? Anywhere but North America! The news just gets worse and worse.


Anonymous said...

Having worked at both Disney and now DW, and the
political infighting and office politics are much
worse here,'s not K, but the tier just below.

Anonymous said...

what about at Blue Sky/Fox Animation? Anyone hear anything about BSS?

Anonymous said...

sad but tue..our industry has a giant abount of backstabbing and snickering even at the artist level it gets very advice i can offer after 8 years of this biz is..just come your it leave. Dont complain about problems even if you see a solution. Let those in charge figure it out & if they can't don't worry, its not your problem don't worry about your job..when one studio fails another opens. Besides if you pull others out of a mess they end up getting rid of you so they dont look bad infront of the bond copany ;)..... When an artist gives their 200% and offers to fix problems outside of their basic job description, backstabbers will zero in on you...

The backstabbers are the people who generally talk more than work, are the source of long sessions of talking/bantering about silly pointless topics during working hours and most importantly, they are able to make friends with those in charge easily for some reason...they are like car salesmen...most artists are not good social talkers and thats why the artists with talent usualy get the short end of the stick when the mud starts flying.


Anonymous said...

That advice is totally assine.