Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Roy Disney Throws in the Towel

I've been running back and forth in my head whether I should chime in on this topic or not. When Roy was shoved out of Disney, I felt bad for the old coot and eager to back him and his fight against Eisner. After all, Eisner is the person responsible for the down fall of Disney. Right?

I was really backing the Save Disney (.com) movement. Support the fight! As time went on, I realized that Save Disney turned more into a tabloid then a headquarters in an effort to remove Eisner. Sure, Roy and Stanley were really interested in ousting Eisner for good reasons. But, that website was certainly a waste. It would of served them so much better to just print the news and let us know what they were doing to fight the fight. Unfortunately, the ridicolous polls and lopsided tabloid-like stories only made them look stupid (imo).

It was a great idea, just carelessly implemented. For the most part, I ignored the site and quietly backed Roy. Just last week Roy and Stanley announced they they are basically giving up. They can't do anymore. They accomplished almost nothing. Oh, Eisner will be leaving, but I'm hesitant to say it is because of Roy and Stan.

AnimationNation.com had an interesting thread on this topic, however the moderator decided to close the thread because too many people spoke negatively about Roy and Stan. That is his right, but is disappointing, nonetheless. After all, isn't this supposed to be the voice of animators? One of the posters in that thread unfortunately had his statements used in one of Roy's public letters. Quite a shame, since this Disney employee could receive some backlash that would of never have left Animation Nation if it weren't for the Savedisney webmaster circling like a shark for some tabloid fodder.

This whole topic just irritates me. I guess because I backed Roy and saw little come of it and to see him give up because the stock went up (was that really the purpose of Save Disney)?! Backing this guy in the first place was purely because I dislike Eisner so much. All the while, Roy wasn't exactly a hero in my eyes. The happenings of the past week only strengthen that.

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