Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Prep and Landing

Last night, Prep and Landing aired on ABC. This was a Christmas themed special made at Disney.

Unlike much of the animated content made especially for TV these days, this was feature quality. Or at least very close. The lighting, texturing, and animation were all top notch. Even the story was enjoyable (albeit predictable).

There seemed to be a surge in Holiday themed animation this year. The Monsters Vs Aliens Halloween special (missed that one!), the Madagascar Christmas, and P&L were all well done. Nice to see such an effort put forth.

For all of you filmmakers out there, there is a market for making Holiday themed content. If done well, it is something that can air every year, making money each season. Not to mention DVD sales.

If you missed it last night, head over there to Hulu to see it for yourself.

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Mark Fearing said...

I wish I had liked it more. I was excited to DVR it, but I was pretty bored. And my 3 year old wanted me to put Rudolph on (the old Rankin/Bass version) before it was over.
Oh well. Can't win them all. It looked fantastic visually though.