Friday, February 06, 2009

Coraline Opens Today

Laika's first entry into animated features has opened. I'm normally pretty snarky (I love that word) when it comes to the company, but I'm hopeful that the film will do well.

Unfortunately, my gut instinct is telling me that Coraline will stink it up and do very poorly this weekend. It just doesn't have the wide range appeal or push behind it to be considered a success. Especially since the film cost north of $70 million.

This will not bode well for future features out of this Portland studio


Anonymous said...

Hi, I like reading your blog and am always surprised how your comment on this industry precisely describes the problems they are having.

Coraline gets the number 16.3 M with 2298 theaters in this weekend. It is probably more than everyone's expectation. I feel good about it. Do you feel this is good enough to bring them more animation projects?

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the final for the weekend is actually 16.8 million, which seems pretty good for a stop-mo opening. I'm thinking Laika did all right. That movie was freakin beautiful too.

Any thoughts??