Sunday, November 23, 2008


I wasted another 2 hours of my life watching the Wall-E DVD release this weekend. In my mind, this film is Pixar's worst.

To think that Disney is trying to push this into the Oscar's best film category blows my mind. What did I miss? This shouldn't even be nominated for best animated feature.

On the bright side, the Presto short that was featured before the film and is now on the DVD is one of the better ones I've seen in a while.


Anonymous said...

This is news to me. How is Wall-e Pixar's worst?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's their worst but it's not their best. The first half I thought was great but once they go into space and it stops being a character driven story and starts being a message driven story is when it started to suck.

Thanks to my kid I watched Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda over the weekend. I have to say Kung Fu really holds up and is a better film. The fact that Dreamworks is doing better then Pixar is a welcome surprise. I hope they keep it up and I hope that Pixar steps up it's game.

Anonymous said...

Well, suffice to say you are in the extreme minority. It is still the single best reviewed film of this year, and has done terrific at the box office. The DVD's and blu-rays are selling like gangbusters (as are the toys--still!). With the choice of watching Panda or Wall-e, most people--especially kids and families--prefer Wall-e.

It's a far superior film to the wonderful Kung Fu Panda. Unlike Kung Fu Panda, it doesn't grand stand about it's style over substance. I liked the way Panda looked just fine, but there's nothing about the look that couldn't be done better hand drawn (and in fact, the opening and closing of the movie prove this well). Every inch of Wall-e was there to support the love story of Wall-e and Eve. The so-called message was strong without being heavy handed (although I do agree the humans dialogue was pretty hammy!).

Along with The Dark Knight, Slumdog Millionaire, and Doubt, Wall-e is one of the best films of the year-easily--and deserves to be recognized by the Academy with a Best Picture nomination.

Rafi animates said...

rented the blu-ray the other day. the film is yawnsville. there was some potential in the first 20 minutes or so for it to be a truly great film. then it quickly loses it's way, and Stanton gets too heavy handed with his message.

I found I didn't relate to any characters, and any pathos was rather contrived.

so in that respect, I'll have to say it's their weakest. but whatever.

Staloren said...

I may be in a minority. But an opinion is an opinion. And judging by most of the reactions I've heard from the general public, it wasn't all that and a bag of chips. (Outdated urban slang of the day.)

The characters didn't draw me in. Wall-E was entertaining, but that love story left me empty. The CG humans were poorly done and the inserted real-live-action humans didn't belong.

The Pixar fan boy club can steer this in whatever direction they want, but this was weak for a Pixar film. It was weak for anyones film for that matter.

The lighting and camera work were absolutely wonderful. Techincally, this was a well done film (outside of the poorly executed CG humans), but the story just left me empty and bored.

I watched this film 3 times hoping to come away with a better opinion. Each time I felt worse about it.

KFP was enjoyable. While not the best film in the world, I laughed outloud several times on each viewing. It far exceeding Wall-E in my book.

Anonymous said...

Count me as a minority too and I'm one of the biggest Pixar fans there is. I'm also a big Sci-Fi fan, so the idea of Pixar does Sci-Fi was almost catered to me. While I did enjoy the film I don't think it was their best. The live action sucked, it wasn't even done well. I don't know why they even needed humans in the film. I really didn't like being preached to.

I think it got great reviews mostly because everyone is afraid to say anything bad about a Pixar move. That's a really bad place for Pixar to be in. If they can't get an honest opinion of their work how will they continue to make great stuff.

Katty said...

I sense some bitterness here that goes beyond a simple dislike of a movie. Did Pixar by any chance ever reject you?

Rafi animates said...

I've never applied.

Anonymous said...

staloren... it doesnt appear that you are the only one that didnt like walle that much.. the annie awards gave Kung Fu panda the most recognition while walle didnt even get half the nominations.

the movie was poor. Pixar is really taking a step backwards recently.

Anonymous said...

Holly $H!T, someone said something critical about Pixar. How can that be? There must be something wrong with them. They must be jealous. I mean who could say anything critical about Pixar. Pixar is perfect. Pixar is the one and only. The Father, the son and the Holly Ghost.

Oh Pixar strike down this heathen with your Lighting McQueen, so that others may learn the from him. I love you Pixar, I love you more then others may love you. If someone else says they love you more then me I'll kill them like the way I killed the others.

Anonymous said...

I am tired of fanboys and girls who think that everything that Pixar does is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Heaven forbid anyone should critize Pixar. Stop drinking the pixar kool-aid.

Not every movie that Pixar does is going to be good. All of you fanboys and girls need to be honest with yourselves and others. You should be objective to participate in the public discourse of animation otherwise you're not credible. Your opinion means squat.

If something is good I will say so regardless of the studio. If its dreck, its dreck.

Wall-e was not a good movie. It was not Pixar's worst that IMHO would be a Bug's Life but it was no where their best. It was just eh.

KFP was a very good movie. In fact I think its Dreamworks best sence the forst Shrek movie. I think Dreamworks has perhaps finally gotten its stride. Monsters and Aliens looks good.

We'll see how Up is but I find it interesting that right after the release of Up Pixar goes right into sequels. Perhaps Pixar is starting to lose their touch for original movies. Disney certainly wants them to go back to sequels - Tried and true movies that will make more money.

Anonymous said...

I believe this is what they call "player-hating."

Anonymous said...

Time calls Wall-e the best film of 2008:,30583,1855948_1863826,00.html

Anonymous said...

The LA Film Critics named Wall-E best film of the year.

Anonymous said...

I though it was pretty good actually. ...certainly amazed at how the characters and relationship was developed with only 2 words (Wall-E and Eve). I thought the characters were convincing.. animation was great.. ...I think the same opinion goes for all my colleagues and students. Well Done Pixar. (Thought I hated Cars).

Katty said...

The thing that bothers me about your criticism is the tone of it. It's like "how dare those overrated motherf**rs make me watch this piece of sh#t.

I'm a big Pixar partisan, but I can see why some of their movies wouldn't appeal to everybody. Wall-E is certainly no exception. But when I dislike something that many people liked - including well-respected critics (eg. Kung Fu Panda )- I can respectfully disagree and feel it just wasn't my cup of tea.

But this I-hated-it-everyone-else-that-loved-it-is-a-moron tone is truly off-putting.

Anonymous said...

"But this I-hated-it-everyone-else-that-loved-it-is-a-moron tone is truly off-putting."

Where are you getting that from? People are just expressing their opinions.

Out of curiosity. Which WallE did you like? The love story of a robot or the story of the captain overcoming the autopilot? The film had two separate and unrelated stories going on. Sometimes that works, but in this case, I dont see that it does.

Kevin Geiger put it pretty well. and better than I can...

Anonymous said...

"Pixar raises the bar again with Wall-E"

...and once again the more limited members of the animation community gripe about not being able to jump as high.

Anonymous said...

I loved this movie. I have nothing to say beyond that.

Anonymous said...

this kevin geiger guy doesn't know animation or story from the hole in his head! Sounds to me like he's taken too many lame story seminars and now thinks he knows something. The proof would be in the pudding, but he can't make pudding.

The Love story in Wall-e and the story of the captain are COMPLETELY intertwined. Wall-e's naivety is the catalyst for change. He doesn't know the "rules," so he doesn't know he's broken them. Quite simple. No wonder the world has responded so well.

Kung Foo Panda doesn't make much sense to me. It's a fine kids movie, I suppose, but interest stops past age 4.

Anonymous said...

>Kung Foo Panda doesn't make much sense to me. It's a fine kids movie, I suppose, but interest stops past age 4.

This 40+ year old loved it.

Wall-E was okay. But that was about it. I was bored with the love story after the first few minutes. I didn't care much for the fat people either