Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Around the Horn - October 08

So much for writing something in "the next few days". Better late than never, I suppose.

By now, everyone has heard that Glen Keane is off Rapunzel. I'm not sure I believe the email statement from Catmull that was on AICN. Rumors say that Lasseter just didn't think Keane was cutting it as a director. To save face, or to be nice, however you want to look at it. A health issue excuse was pulled out of the air. Whether the rumor is true or not, I hope that Mr. Keane's health is improving if that is indeed a factor.

A sequel for Kung Fu Panda has been announced. No shocker here. If there is one thing that DWA is good for, is to run a franchise into the ground. Hopefully they won't be going a third and fourth.

Bolt comes out very soon. It looks mildly entertaining. I bet it does well in the box office. For those of you hoping that Disney Feature goes entirely 2D, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Looks like Happy Feet 2 is on the horizon. That first one was horrible, I can't believe a second one is justified. Sad. Speaking of Happy Feet. George Miller and Doug Mitchell have partnered to open a new studio called "Dr. D Studios" in Sydney Australia. Does this mean that Animal Logic is now out of the picture? Seems so.

Warner Brothers is busy creating some CG shorts. It will be interesting to see how these turn out. Will they hold true to the WB style?

Lame post, I know. I'll try to find some time for more.


Anonymous said...

The memo is true. Glen has health concerns that he is not making public. He is NOT off the film. He is Exec. Producer and Directing Animator, and all the animators are thrilled that they are going to get to work with him so closely.

"Out of thin air" is usually where surprise health issues come from.

There's a lot of assumption fueling the heresay and negativity. Shame. Because that's not exactly going to make Glen feel better about the choice he had to make.

Anonymous said...

Thats a pretty significant demotion. I have a hard time believing it. The movie was going nowhere for years and years. I think he was yanked. Medical issue or not, it is a good scapegoat for all parties.

spacechimpluvr said...

who cares? it's a freakin' movie about Rapunzel, yet another 'princess' franchise designed only to milk the often ignored demographic of young females. any schmuck could jump in and direct this money making device. if you have kids that watch disney channel, you know what i mean when the mouse house can churn out lard and still make a handsome profit using it's MASSIVE marketing machine. High School Musical 3 anyone?

Anonymous said...

Animal doesn't want anything to do with happy feet 2 (why did it win the oscar?). They are working on an adaptation of Guardians of Ga'Hoole. George has started an experimental animation studio instead.

Anonymous said...

actually, rumour has it that Miller wanted nothing to do with Animal Logic for Happy Feet 2, after the owner of Animal gave his own direction to the crew after Miller had left the building. so, miller is opening his own shop to avoid revisiting that relationship.