Friday, December 21, 2007

Daily Show and Colbert Report

I just heard that the Daily Show and the Colbert Report will be going back on the air despite the WGA strike. Comedy Central needs shows I guess.

Speaking as a complete outsider to this whole strike. This sounds like a huge blow against the WGA. I mean, basically someone (by someone, I mean writers and everyone else responsible for these shows!) is crossing the lines and saying a big F-YOU to the strikers. I can only giggle.


Smapdi said...

For what its worth, I heard somewhere that Stewart, Colbert and Conan Obrien were paying the writers out of their own pocket. I gotta go shovel the snow outta the driveway, so I don't have time to "fact check" that.

psy said...

smapdi, i also heard that, but then later i heard that it was debunked and wasn't true, but i dont have time to fact check that either :(

pikt said...

Stewart and Colbert were contractually obligated to return to their shows or they could be sued.

It wasn't an F U to the writers.

Sorry Staloren but you are uninformed on this one.

Believe me, WGA members are the ones who should be giggling. They get paid for things (ongoing copyright payments for the creation of characters) that animators only dream about.

Anonymous said...

comments like that are why most animators and artists hate non drawing writers..

Sasha Volynets said...

It's not a fuck you to the writers. They're doing the show without writers. It's mostly improvised--no teleprompters.

Anonymous said...

go away writers!