Monday, April 16, 2007

Wow! Happy Feet sucked.

Has it really been almost two months since I posted to this blog? Apparently so! I'm sure there is no one reading this anymore, so I suppose I'm free to say whatever I want.

First off, during my blog hiatus, I saw Happy Feet. What an utter piece of crap that movie was. Completely ignoring the motion capture, the story was just ridiculously beating the audience over the head with that environmental message. I'm just as much for saving the planet as anyone else, but this was not entertaining at all. Taking out the messages, the story was uninteresting and boring. If I weren't in this business, I would of walked out of the theater (or in my case, shut the DVD off). The character designs were also horrendous -- down right ugly and unappealing.

I'm not exactly sure how it won the Oscar. Were the other animated films that bad (or maybe my conspiracy theory isn't so crazy after all)?! This wasn't exactly a banner year for our business, but Happy Feet shouldn't of come anywhere near even being nominated.

What a piece of crap that was.


Frenchy said...

I think it was the best piece of crap of this year !!! :D

Definitely needed to win an Oscar.

Ricardo said...

My God, and I thought I was the only one!! It was awful... I had to watch the Incredibles just to feel clean again! - And don't get me started on Monster House!!!!

Anyway, I often check back here, pity you're not posting as often.


Anonymous said...

It was ugly and horrible. I hated this thing from the first frame. It won the Oscar, frankly because:
Penguins are appealing, even if badly animated while singing and dancing;
and Pixar's CARS was starting to look too much like a retread.

gerald said...

really? wow. I enjoyed it. Sorry you had such a bad time.
I thought the animation was excellent, the dancing and music was fine, the "epic" nature of it well taken.
I was surprised it wasn't pixar. So the magic isn't totally owned by pixar.
I liked the voices, too: rather racially set but then gets past that to letting those racial distinctions contribute to the culture. (that wasn't your problem, was it? black and hispanics? did that put you off?)