Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Next New LA Animation Studio?

Anyone that has been reading this blog has probably read previous posts about a new studio that is trying to get started in LA. Just in case you are wondering, the new Universal division setup by Chris Meledandri is not the one I had been referring to.

This studio I keep talking about, but never seems to surface, is still pushing forward. Latest rumors are saying that they are almost ready to go. Yea, I've said that before. And believe me, I am just as skeptical as many of you are. I guess I'm just hopeful for this one. I'm in love with what I've heard, the people behind it have a good head on their shoulders and the financing is impressive. Most importantly, it is built around the core idea that artists should be in charge. Minimal executives and most of all, the uncreative executives that exist will be keeping their nose out of story and execution. Of course someone has to be level headed and able to keep things under control. The exciting part is that those people come from creative roles that happen to know how to manage. My fingers continue to be crossed for this one.

With the new UP announcement and the possibility of this other studio, the animation outlook in LA is good. Despite the downsizing at Disney, we could be looking at many openings in the year ahead. Those of you that are looking for work, or a change of scenery, it's time to polish up the portfolio.

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