Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Opus Dead (Again?)

The rumor is that planned "Opus" has died once again. The comic strip based CG film has seen its share of ups and downs, and if you believe the rumor, it is down once again.

As far as I can recall, the project originated at Wild Brain studios in San Francisco. There was some sort of falling out and the project was taken away from them and thought to be dead. The Weinsteins brought it back to LA for another life in the recent months. Development had restarted and animation tests were in swing. For unknown reasons, the W's decided to pull it again. This is ofcourse a rumor and should be treated as such until something confirms or denies it.

There was an interesting story posted several years ago that outlined some of the problems that Wild Brain went through trying to get their CG feature studio started. Within this story was some interesting information about the Opus project. I'll try to dig it up, as it sheds some light on what this penguin project has gone through.


saydanik said...

They had a hard deadline of Christmas 2008, and the original treatment was not working so well for anyone. Berkely wrote a new treatment, which everyone liked a LOT better, but that was just before Thanksgiving 2006. Anyway, too short ammount of time to meet that 2008 release date, and the Weinstein's didn't want to change that release date!

Anonymous said...

It actually started with Eric Goldberg and a test he did ofr the project. For whatever reason the project moved on from Eric and his group and landed with Wild Brain as a result of the Weinsteins divorcing Miramax and the WB deal with them. Blur also did a test in there somewhere before Reel FX... Opus just not meant for this world perhaps?