Monday, June 19, 2006

Pixar Running on Fumes

Cars was an incredible bit of lighting, textures, shading, and animation. Too bad the story was boring and putting people asleep. For the first time in a Pixar film, I heard kids paying attention to everything but the movie. Standing up, walking around, talking, totally not into the film. My wife was shuffling as well with her head propped up against her hand in boredom. I even caught myself daydreaming.

The lighting and realism was pretty breathtaking. But I ask myself, "Is this really what I want out of an animated movie?" It was different and technically impressive. Everything else left me uninspired.

Watching animated cars for two hours was too much. Maybe I needed to be a car fanatic to watch this thing. But, I couldn't care about about any of the characters.

Everything felt forced. This was Pixar's first crapper, if you were to ask me.


tygriffin said...

You have this entry posted twice...maybe that's because you wanted to add even more emphasis to your comment?


katsat said...

I, too, was let down by my first viewing of Cars, but I loved it the second time I saw it. I think Pixar's problem was that the makers- Lasseter and the other guys (and here's one film that sure could have used some feminine input), were too enamored of their subject that they concentrated too much on the details. They lost sight of what the average non-car person follows on the screen.

That's why I enjoyed it so much more the second time - I saw so much that I missed the first time and enjoyed all the little things that were so lovingly presented. The love and skill of the makers were more appreciated the second time around.