Thursday, March 16, 2006

Credit Where Credit is Due

It is frustrating when you give out some new information and another website steals it and doesn't even mention where it came from to begin with. This has happened several times now, and now that the same website has done it multiple times, it really starting to make me crabby.

Animated News at least pointed out that it came from here. And then someone posted on Animation Nation a link to the post. All cool with me. But, then another website takes that information and makes it sound like his breaking information and it is sooo clear where he got it from. I wish this fanboy would grow some.

If this only happened once or maybe twice, I'd probably just smile and keep my trap shut. At least make it less obvious next time. "L"


Kevin Koch said...

I think in this case you're talking about, but you could say the same thing about Jim Hill Media. Both sites are happy to take breaking news from blogs or forums like Animation Nation and act like they have some kind of exclusive information. Annoying, ain't it?

Gowri said...

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