Saturday, February 26, 2005


Once again, I've been neglecting this blog. Sorry 'bout that. Anyway, Oscars are coming up tomorrow, lets talk animation.

Up for the best animated film are The Incredibles, Shark Tale, and Shrek 2. My personal feelings are that The Incredibles will win. Not only was it the better film, but I think the fact that Shrek 1 won a while back, I think the chances of another Shrek winning another Oscar are slim. Shark Tale is a movie I enjoy, in fact I just watched it again on DVD a few days ago, but I don't think it is good enough or popular enough to be competing.

Short films include Birthday Boy, Gopher Broke, Guard Dog, Lorenzo, and Ryan. I'm sad to say I've only watched a couple of those in their entirety. Gopher Broke was funny and very well done, and Ryan. I just can't get into that film. Who will win? I haven't the foggiest since I've only seen two of these completely through.

Speaking of Gopher Broke. Gopher was done by Blur studios in Venice. Blur is a facility that has been around for a while doing service work for other people. Their shorts are a way for them to try and break into doing CG features. Will it happen? I'd say their chances are 99% (that they will). I think you will see that Blur will be the next player worth watching to enter the CG film business.

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