Monday, January 03, 2005

Critter Pix.

If you look back to the comments on the last BLOG entry you will see an anonymous posting by someone who says they "know someone" at CritterPix. Not more than 5 minutes later I received a private email from someone running that company. What are the odds? Hmm, sounds like he isn't the only one that wants to be anonymous. :)

By the way anonymous poster. Right up top of the BLOG it says this site is based on some fact and *some rumor*. I'll stand by my comments, but I just wanted to point that out.

I'll respect the fact that this guy sent me the email privately, I won't regurgitate what he wrote me. As much as I would like to go through his mail and break down where I feel he is wrong, I won't. It was sent privately and I will be considerate enough not to post that message publicly. As much as I am biting my tongue.

If the emailer wants to give me permission, I will comment and do it in a very professional manner. Otherwise. Thanks for the email. It was humorous.


Staloren said...

BTW. Just wanted to say that most of my information comes from artists or techies at the studios, the next biggest source are producers that I know in the film world and finally a small portion from the investment community. Since I often do consulting for some of these studios, I also learn a lot as I'm working with the crew.

Staloren said...

Another BTW. When I post these messages about various studios, my goal is not to offend a studio or those working for said studio. But to relay information that all artists may not have access to and may be considering working at such studio. The information on this site should be considered purely rumor until you look into yourself.